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Conservation Advisory Network

About CAN

The Conservation Advisory Network is a free service that offers a range of collections care advice, training and support for museums in North East England.  CAN is delivered and managed through a partnership between The Bowes Museum and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and is funded through Arts Council England’s Museum Development Programme and Major Partner Museum funding.  

CAN offers the following support:

  • Telephone and email helpline
  • Advisory visits
  • Advice and assistance on a range of subjects e.g.
  1. undertaking Benchmarks in Collections Care

  2. pest management

  3. conservation planning

  4. emergency preparedness

  5. planning remedial conservation programmes

  • Training
  • Support for the Regional Emergency Response Resource
  • Support to help meet requirements within Section 2 of the Accreditation standard

You can access this support by contacting:

Kayleigh Fuller  - CAN Regional Conservator

For an insight into the services CAN offers please take a look at their posts on The Bowes Museum blog:

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The CAN case study, linked to the right of this page, offers an overview of CAN support provided in 2012-15.